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3 Queens x 2

I’ve rather missed this one – or rather ‘these ones’….

I posted almost four years ago about the meeting of the 3 Cunard Queens in Southampton. At that time the 3 Queens were QE2, QM2 and Queen Victoria. This was an unexpected meeting – QE2 was supposed to be at sea, but some emergency remedial work had been scheduled and she was tied up in Southampton on a day when the other two were there. Some good pictures were taken of the three ships, even though QE2 didn’t take part in the sailaway. Then a year or so ago there was another 3 Queens meeting, this time in New York, on a cold, wet and dark evening. This time the 3 Queens were QM2, QV and the then-new(ish) Queen Elizabeth.

So ‘3 Queens’ meetings are pretty rare, yet this year there will be two of them, in Southampton.
The first will be on 5 June, which is also Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Day. The three ships’ departure won’t be until 10pm that evening, and there will apparently be a program of fireworks, events, and general merriment in Southampton harbour to celebrate her Majesty’s Jubilee, before the 3 Queens sail out in formation. That promises to be a grand occasion – certainly Cunard are hoping so -but unfortunately because it comes at the end of the long bank holiday (5 June is a Tuesday), I think it’s going to be impossible to get there.

But not to worry! Just 5 weeks or so later, on July 13, the 3 Queens will once more be together in Southampton. That’s a Friday (yes, ‘Friday the 13th’) and it’s a normal departure day – all three are scheduled to sail at 4:30pm. I might well try to get to that one, especially as the day after sees a call to Southampton by MS Astor. (That’s a link to Wikipedia article about her.)

But Cunard want to preserve the mystique, they’d better not schedule too many of these 3 Queens meetings.

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