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I did a post a while ago illustrating what I thought were the new openings in the hull for the new balcony cabins in the aft section of D deck, and wondered why there were seven openings and not just six – there are six new balcony cabins on each side. I’ve since realised that there were always seven openings in Oriana’s hull in that location.

This image shows Oriana’s aft section on two dates. The upper section is taken from one of Pam Massey’s pictures – it’s one I’ve used before – and shows Oriana post-refit. You can clearly see the seen openings in the hull, and also that all but the aft-most one are clearly balconies. The lower section is taken from a (poor) picture I took of Oriana in Rotterdam in 2008. Again, you can see that there were seven hull openings, though at this date they are clearly all windows (though large ones). Presumably, they were windows into the children’s club area. Interestingly (well, it interests me…) you can also see that the aft-most of these windows is covered.

Going back to the upper part of the image, it still does’t explain what the aft-most opening is used for now – it obviously isn’t a balcony. I’m sure I’ll puzzle it out eventually.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Tom.
    Looking at some photos of ORIANA’s stern area I took in Funchal in 2010 I believe the aft most window looks into the terrace pool area/ splash bar since in one photo a similar window is visible beneath the terrace above.

    Hope this helps

  2. stu says:

    I suggest it is the back end of the deck bar that is on that deck.

  3. It would be great to hear what the opening is used for now if you manage to find out Tom.

  4. Erika Richardson says:

    I hope D200 is a balcony cabin, because we have booked it as one !!!!

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