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I’ve become aware from posts elsewhere that Oriana may need to go back into dry dock at the end of her world cruise for some remedial work. If so, this could affect the subsequent cruise (X202).

Readers will recall that part of the work done during Oriana’s dry dock in November/December was the fitting of a sponson or ducktail which required that her propulsion machinery be removed and the refitted. Specifically, her propellers and propeller shafts had to be removed, and then replaced. I believe, in fact, that new, longer propeller shafts had to be fitted – the sponson affected the positioning of the propellers. During the world cruise (still underway) there have been complaints about excessive vibration in the aft-most section of the ship. Many of these concerned the Oriental Restaurant, which is both quite low in the hull and extends all the way aft.

Carol Marlow made one of her flying ship visits to Oriana last week, boarding at Brisbane, and while on board she gave a general chat/presentation to the passengers on a range of issues. Among these was the vibration. It’s been reported that she said that this was caused because “the propellers are out of sync/balance” as a result of new ones being installed during the refit. Apparently she went on say that in order to sort it out, Oriana will have to go into dry dock as soon as she returns from her world cruise.

The world cruise is due to finish on 10 April and she’s then supposed to start a 16-night central Mediterranean cruise (X202). Given that a dry docking inevitably takes several days – transit to Hamburg, entry into the dock, lifting the dock, lowering the dock later, exiting the dock and then the transit back to Southampton – without even thinking about the actual work, there must be considerable doubt as to whether the X202 cruise will go ahead.

5 Responses to “Oriana refit – remedial work required?”

  1. Peter Thomas says:

    Have you heard any more about the Oriana ging back into dry dock ?
    Really enjoyed reading your blogs.
    kind regard
    Peter T

    • Tom says:

      No, I haven’t. Interestingly there have been recent changes to Oceana’s schedule in December – her dry-dock is apparently going to take longer than expected – but I haven’t heard anything about Oriana in April.

      I’ll have a rootle round.

  2. Nick Englefield says:

    Hello Tom,
    I posted a thread on CC about this after reading about it on another thread.
    All seams very quiet about this ,would think there would be more by now about this.
    Regards Nick ( White Duck on CC )

    • Tom says:

      Yes, I agree – as of today (15 March) Oriana’s April cruises are still in the calendar on the P&O site.

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