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More on P&O's new ship

I’ve posted a couple of times about P&O’s new ship, due in 2015. To recap, Princess are also getting two new ships (in 2013 and 2014) of the same size as the new P&O arrival, so just as Ventura and Azura were sisters to Crown, Ruby and Emerald Princesses, so I think that these three ships will all be very similar. So the fact that we have a new video from Princess showing details of the atrium of Royal Princess (the name of the lead ship in the class) is interesting and relevant. You can find it here – click on ‘Piazza and the Atrium’.

I’m assuming that while the structure will be the same, what goes in P&O’s ship won’t necessarily be the same as with the Princess ship(s). Some things will, of course: the ‘off atrium’ positions for guest relations/reception and excursions will the same for all three, and I would expect that the coffee bar will end up in the same place. But the P&O ship won’t have a Sabatini’s restaurant, although it might have a different restaurant in the same space; and I’m not sure that there’ll be a pizzeria. The decor will be different, too. But I’m pretty sure that the overall structure of the new P&O ship’s atrium will be as we see it in this video for Royal Princess.

There’s something else, too. Right at the beginning of the video there’s a fly-past outside and over Royal Princess, and we can see a bit more than we have before. That looks like a more traditional Promenade than I was expecting, at least the forward half, and that might even be a enclosed corridor towards the bow that it disappears into. The aft section is less clear, and as expected the lifeboats seem to be located at deck level, not suspended and nested. But it looks better, at the moment, than the arrangement on Celebrity’s  Solstice class. We’ll know more about Royal Princess at least when Princess publish their new brochure in a couple of months or so, but at the moment I’m feeling a bit more optimistic than I was. Let’s see if they’ve built in a forward observation lounge…

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    Hi Tom, firstly thanks for providing such an up to date an insightful blog. I think these new larger ships are the signs of times to come. Some people will argue that they are too big and removes the intimacy of cruising, however upon seeing the atrium for the new Princess ship, I think they look amazing! I’m sure P&Os ship will be just as nice when it sails on cruises from Southampton.

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