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Back to the topic of Oriana’s recent refit.

In the last few days P&O have updated their website with revised deck plans for Oriana. I’ve done some ‘before & after’ deckplan comparisons. The importunes ones are Lido deck and most importantly, D deck. Here they: click on them for larger versions.

There’s another issue. The plan of D deck clearly shows 6 new balcony cabin on either side, immediately forward of the stern terracing. However, the images I’ve seen of Oriana post-refit show 7 openings in that spot: a full-length window in the aft most position, and then 6 balconies. Looking at the deck plans, I can’t work out what the rear-most opening, the window, is an opening from. It almost looks as if there are in fact 7 cabins, not 6, with the aft-most being a window cabin rather than a balcony. Here’s a composite image: picture above, deck plan below.

Has anyone got any thoughts? I’m sure the deck I’m looking in both images is the right one – D deck.

Finally, here’s a link to Pam Massey’s gallery where you can find more images of Oriana post-refit.

3 Responses to “Oriana refit – deck plans & number of cabins”

  1. Paul says:

    Interesting point about the 7th window – I assumed it was a cabin with a large window. Though, thinking back to when I went on Oriana a few years back, I seem to remember a window behind the Splash bar (or sunset bar as it’s called now). So it’s probably just a window on the outside deck bit.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Paul. It’s clear that the deck plan doesn’t map onto the actual ship very well: look at that space in actuality between the right-most cabin and the lifeboat incision, whereas the deck plan suggest that the right-most cabin is hard up against it. Never mind; I suppose it’s like the London Underground ‘map’, which is actually a diagram intended to help people understand the Tube and not a real map at all.

      We shall be Oriana ourselves this summer, so I’ll have the chance to check for myself then.

  2. […] I did a post a while ago illustrating what I thought were the new openings in the hull for the new balcony cabins in the aft section of D deck, and wondered why there were seven openings and not just six – there are six new balcony cabins on each side. I’ve since realised that there were always seven openings in Oriana’s hull in that location. […]

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