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Overnight and today there have been more pieces of information emerging.

  • First, the official death toll has been raised to 5, in that a total of 5 bodies have been found. There are still 17 people missing, however, and I don’t think there’s much doubt that most if not all of these will be found to have died. But it is still possible that some of the 17 could be people who are OK but have simply evaded all attempts to contact them, so let’s hope;
  • Secondly, the finger is more and more being pointed at the captain. Even Costa Crociere, his employer and the operator of the ship, have said that the captain made “an unapproved, unauthorised” deviation in course. It’s beginning to be clear that this deviation – which looks like it was to go close to Isla del Giglio – went horribly wrong. The image above (which comes from the BBC website) allegedly shows the expected course (which was followed on the previous cruise) and the course the ship actually took.
  • There have been a number of comments that the evacuation was badly-organised and that there was panic. Some crew members have reacted strongly to this, pointing out that getting over 4000 people safely off a listing ship, at night, was a considerable achievement. I have quite a lot of sympathy with this view: I think that there would inevitably be a lot of confusion, shouting and fear in an evacuation like this, and that it’s the overall result by which it should be judged. This may in fact be the largest number of people evacuated from a ship in a single incident, ever.

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  1. what happend to the captain

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