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I’ve been keeping my eye on the expected times of Adonia’s arrival into Southampton. During the week the expected time of arrival was sometime Thursday night/Friday morning, but I see that this afternoon (Wednesday 11 Jan) that has been updated. Adonia is now expected back in Southampton at 7am tomorrow – that’s the best part of twenty-fours earlier than previously expected. Also the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners website is showing her expected time of departure as 7pm this evening, which would fit with her arriving in Southampton early tomorrow.

The Southampton ship movements table shows her arriving via the Needles channel. Adonia is the only current P&O ship small enough (draft?) to use the Needles channel.

Here’s a link to the Southampton ship movements webpage, and here’s one to the equivalent page for Falmouth.


Update: Adonia did indeed sail from Falmouth just before 7pm this evening.

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