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Adonia is currently on her way to Falmouth for ’emergency repairs’; she’s due to arrive there tomorrow (6 January). The repair yard have got just four days to complete them, presumably to allow some testing before Adonia leaves for a grand voyage on 13 January. These repairs have necessitated the cancellation of a cruise, D201, which was a fly cruise from Naples and then a sail back to Southampton. Passengers on that cruise have had their cruise costs refunded (of course), plus they’ve been given a 25% discount on another cruise. I would think there must be some restrictions as to what the 25% can be applied to – that would be the way to book a world cruise, wouldn’t it?

P&O have not yet told us what those repairs consist of, but they don’t seem to be connected to her propulsion system: she’s currently making 19.2 knots, which is at or slightly above her service sped. Actually, the same AIS map that gave me her speed also told me that she’s not expected into Falmouth until noon on Sunday, so the repair yard have definitely got their work cut out. I’m wondering if scheduling a Grand Voyage to start on Friday the 13th was asking for trouble…..

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