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Pam Massey, whose pictures of Oriana disappearing into the gloom on her way to Hamburg I featured here a few weeks ago, was able to take some pictures of her in Southampton on Monday. I gather the conditions were pretty horrible, and Pam would be the first to agree that the pictures reflect this. But she was able to get a number of shots of Oriana at her berth, showing her new ducktail. As far as I’m aware, these are the first pictures of Oriana in her new configuration that are available. Many thanks to Pam for taking them and letting me use one of them.

You can also see the new cabins: the row of seven openings just above the Promenade deck. It looks as if the aft-most is a full-length window (compare it with the similar windows below the Prom deck), while the rest of them are balconies: you can just make out the balcony rails.

Here’s a link to a library of images that Pam has published, to whom my thanks are due. (The images are all copyright Pam Massey and the one above is used here with her permission.)

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  1. […] see there are six new cabins, all balcony, at the aft end of D deck. However, if you look at the photo of Oriana that Pam Massey took on 19 December in Southampton after the refit, you can see seven cabins in […]

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