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You’ll have noticed that I’ve been posting while onboard Black Watch, and this post is about the Internet arrangements.

I brought my iPad with me, and I’m posting using that. My blog is housed at WordPress.com, and I generally create simple content – just text – using the WordPress app for IOS. This can be a little clunky, especially if I want to add images, but just for text it’s fine.

As regards Internet connectivity, I bought 25 minutes access for the princely sum of £5 on the first full day. There are wifi hotspots in four locations around the ship: by reception on deck 5, in the Explorers Library on deck 7, in the Neptune lounge on deck 6, and in the Observatory on deck 9. I normally leave the iPad’s wifi turned off while on board, and just turn it on when I go to one of those locations. The wifi strength in those locations is good. Shortly after selecting and connecting to the wifi network I get a browser window which asks me to login, which I do with a password that was given to me when I bought the access, and from then on I’m on the internet. There’s also a logout URL, but access is dropped a minute after your device disappears from the wifi network anyway.

In general, Internet access has been good, except for one occasions when although I could get onto the wifi there was no login. But apart from that it’s been easy and cheap.

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