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Enough of the refit posts! We’ll soon be leaving on a mini-cruise on Fred. Olsen’s Black Watch: across the channel to Rouen for 36 hours, then back. We were attracted by the though of actually getting up the river Seine to Rouen on a ship. This was about 15 months ago on Arcadia when we were sat in a big industrial dock at Le Havre and Rouen was available as an excursion destination, but of course only by coach. Enthused as we were, we booked this cruise as soon as we found it on the Fred. Olsen site.

We’ve been looking at the weather forecast for the period of the cruise and I’m beginning to get the feeling that we may have concentrated too much on the ‘Rouen’ aspect and not enough on the ‘…. in December’ part. I gather it’s going to be quite bouncy in the channel, and I expect that Black Watch will move around more than Ventura. But never mind: it’s a cruise, and we’ll be on a ship that I’ve wanted to cruise on for quite a long time. Rouen, here we come.

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  1. Hold tight in the Channel. The transit up the Seine to Rouen is an impressive experience, and the city is beautiful. Cathedral and the Musee des Beaux Arts are not to be missed. Well worth any discomfort on the way.

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