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Well; you take your eyes off these mega-liners for *two seconds* and the next thing you know they’ve sailed a few hundred miles! Anyway, Queen Mary 2 has arrived back in Southampton. I see that she sails on her first post-refit voyage  tomorrow (8 December). That’s just a four-night cruise, calling at Le Havre and Zeebrugge, although I think she’s spending a day at sea – that might be interesting in the English Channel, in December. There again, probably not on QM2: if any ship is going to be steady, it’s that one.

In the meantime Oriana is still in Hamburg. I can’t find any further information as to what’s being done to her right now, so I don’t have anything to post. Unfortunately P&O still haven’t put the new deck plans on their website yet so I can’t so the before-and-after comparisons I know everyone is dying to look at…. I’m sure the revised deck plans will appear soon, and when they do I’ll create the comparison images.

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