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Queen Mary 2 arrived in Hamburg this afternoon at the start of her short refit at Blohm + Voss. She’ll be in dry dock for just 13 days before resuming her scheduled cruises on December 12th. The work to be done on her is more wide-ranging than on Oriana – it takes in more of the ship – but it’s not as fundamental, I.e. her nature won’t be changed. As far as the public areas are concerned, this is more of a refurbishment than a major refit. That said, there are a lot of areas being refitted, including restaurants, bars and cabins. In some cases it’s a simple case of replacing worn-out items e.g. The cabins are all being recarpeted and having the soft furnishings replaced, whereas in others e.g. The Golden Lion pub, there will be a redesign as well as a refurbishment..

I imagine that the opportunity of the drydock will also be taken to examine the pods and other normally-underwater areas, but as far as I know, there’s no major work scheduled.

I’ll try to find webcam images of her in Hamburg over the weekend.

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