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175 Years of heritage cover

I recently posted about the two books that it seems will be published soon to commemorate P&O’s 175th birthday. One of them is ‘P&O Cruises: 175 years of heritage’, and its authors are Andrew Sassoli-Walker and Sharon Poole. I’ve come across Andrew on a couple of different cruise forums where he’s posted his excellent photos of events in Southampton, and he has several times allowed me to post pictures of his in this blog. On the basis of this tenuous connection I wrote to him asking if he could tell me anything about the background to the book, and he replied with some snippets which are reproduced below.

He said:

Sharon Poole and myself were given the commision by P&O Cruises following the successful launch of our first book last year “Artemis – the original Royal Princess”. Rather than being a usual history book, we have tried to make it more people orientated with lots of anecdotes and stories. Along with this we have tried to cover some of the behind the scenes.
We had only 6 months to complete it, but had complete access to the fleet and a lot of the people within the company. A lot of my photos are in there, including some historical ones – i.e. Canberra.
Many thanks to Andrew for this. I’m looking forward to reading this book, and indeed the other one (by Philip Dawson etc) as well.

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