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I’ve been digging around the Blohm + Voss website hoping to find a webcam of theirs, but unfortunately I can’t seem to do so: it looks as if they prefer to keep things to themselves. However I did find the image below which shows the locations of the repair yard’s dry docks. I’m sure that Oriana is in either dock 10 or 11; and based on the Fischmarkt webcam, plus what we can see from Oriana’s own webcam, I reckon she’s in dock 11. The Fischmarkt webcam is somewhere on the north bank of the river, off the left-hand side of the plan.

Queen Mary 2 will use dock ‘Elbe 17’. In fact there’s an aerial picture of her on the B+V Repair website showing here in that dock from an earlier refit. (There are some good videos on that website, here.)

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