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Oriana at Hamburg

oriana arriving at Hamburg

Update: I happened to be looking at AIS at just before 5:30 and I saw that Oriana had arrived almost all the way into central Hamburg. Then, more in hope than anything else, I did a search for of Hamburg webcams and was delighted to find the image above. It was taken form the south-facing webcam of DAL/JTE. whose office is on the north back of the river Elbe in Hamburg. Here’s a URL to it and two others.

Earlier: Oriana finished her last pre-refit cruise yesterday, and was on her way to Hamburg by lunchtime. This morning at 8 o’clock she was off the northern coast of Holland, doing 22 knots. At that rate she should enter the Elbe later today, but I don’t know how it will take her to navigate up the river to the ship yard.

I’m still looking for suitable web-cams but there don’t seem to be any that will show us much of what is done to her; indeed, I’m not sure that she’ll even be visible at all.

I’m also hoping to be able to display ‘before & after’ deck plans soon, so please keep checking.

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