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P&O 175

Most people in the UK cruising world will already be aware that next year is P&O’s 175th anniversary. Well, ok, it is, sort of: strictly speaking the company founded 175 years ago (The Peninsular Steam Navigation Company) no longer exists, and P&O Cruises is just one of the successor companies, but let’s not quibble too much. It’s 175 years since the parent company of P&O cruises was founded so why not party?

I’ve come across a couple of books that celebrate this event. They are ‘P&O Cruises: 175 years of heritage’, by Andrew Sassoli-Walker and Sharon Poole (ISBN: 978-1445605968), and ‘P&O at 175: a world of ships and shipping since 1837’, by Philip Dawson and Bruce (ISBN: 978-1906608392). Both will be published on 1 December, which is a little before the actual anniversary year, but is probably aimed at the Christmas market I suppose.

I had assumed that they would be very similar, but perhaps not. The blurb for the first book talks very much about P&O the shipping and cruise company. Given also that Andrew is an excellent photographer, we can perhaps expect that this book will major strongly on the ‘ships’ side of the company. The publisher’s marketing for the second book says this:
“the book brings together the full history of this magnificent company, from its roots in the Shetland Isles to the current P&O operation under the ownership of Dubai Ports. The book also includes an insight to P&O Cruises and P&O Ferries operations today.”

So this one may cover a wider range of activities, and thus complement the first rather than just duplicate it.

I’m feeling pretty sure that one or even both of these will end up under my Christmas tree this year.

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  2. Sue V says:

    The book didn’t quite make the Christmas market but the publishers managed to get it to Amazon and other good book sellers during early January and send it out for all those that pre-ordered back in November 2011.. I have my copy and it is excellent with lots of colour photos in it of the ships, and about life onboard (including two of mine!)
    A great read, and worth buying.

    • Tom says:

      My copy arrived on Saturday, and I hope to do a review soon.

      I think I found your photos – is that them on page 139?

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