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… and this time we’re going. We’ll be at the NEC for next weekend’s event.

I think our focus will be as follows:-

  • River cruises
  • Luxury cruises
  • err – anything else that take our eye!

Val is probably more interested in river cruises than I am, but this will give us the opportunity to check out what’s available and to get as good a feel as we can for the experience, without actually going on one. Then luxury cruises still attract us, even though I’ve said in the past that they don’t: so many other people love them, surely they must be worth the extra money?

Hopefully, all the cruise companies will be there. I gather that there was some unhappiness in Glasgow last weekend, when none of Carnival UK’s brands showed up: not Cunard, not Princess, not even P&O. I gather that Royal Caribbean did very well with its brands in the absence of Carnival’s, as did smaller operators such Fred.Olsen. Here’s a link to a longer story about it.

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