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I was rung this morning by Lizzie from Fred Olsen, who was offering me a deal. For a measly £95 each, we could upgrade from our deep-in-the-bowels porthole cabin to an upper deck balcony suite on our forthcoming mini-cruise on Black Watch! Yay!! But did we want it, I asked myself?

Yes we will, we’ve decided. The suite has several advantages: first it has a double bed whereas the porthole cabin had two single beds which couldn’t be combined because they’re at an angle to each other; secondly it has more space, including a proper seating area; thirdly, there’s a full-height picture window, even if we don’t use the balcony; and finally, there is the balcony. Given even half-way decent weather we’ll walk out onto it, even if we don’t try and sunbathe. And in any case it’s a bargain. Originally the price differential between the cabin we’ve booked and the suite was £250 each, so this a good deal.

Of course, not all bargains are bargains. Here’s a video I love, of the vocal group Fascinating Aida singing about Cheap Flights. If you’re sensitive about bad language, give this a miss. But I think it’s hilarious…..

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