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I mentioned P&O’s new ship in a blog post in July, and P&O are now telling us a bit more about it. The new ship is due to go into service in March 2015, so still quite a long way away. The latest Portunus Club magazine (the Portunus Club is P&O’s loyalty club), distributed last week, included an article entitled ‘A modern classic’ which extolled its virtues. Other than being the biggest P&O ship yet, we’re told that it will feature “stylish and modern design and immaculate decor, alongside the classic P&O cruises offerings that our passengers know and love”. However, actual details – real information, even – is still very scarce. The article goes on to say this: “Outside, it will feature distinctive buff funnels, while inside passengers will find many of the principal rooms and bars that you would expect to see on board our ships”. Then it’s gets a bit more honest: “Further specifications, details on interior features …. will be announced at a later date”.

So it’s still all a bit sketchy. We still only have a very basic artists impressions as to what she’ll look like, here:

I still think she won’t have a real promenade deck and I’ll be surprised if she has a Crows nest or forward-facing observation. I think she’s going to be based on the Princess design, with some external differences, but with essentially the same layout.

That said, I might be wrong. There was a quote from Mickey Arison a month or more ago in which he seemed to be referring to the Princess and P&O ships as being different designs. But that might be semantics: you could argue that the differences between Ventura and Ruby Princess – size of casino, location of best supplementary restaurant, differences in names and styles of bars and lounges – for them to be regarded as different deigns, even though these differences are essentially cosmetic. (Unfortunately I can’t track down the quote now.)

We’ll see soon enough. The first of the Princess pair is due in early 2013, so it will have to appear in next spring’s brochure, and that will tell us a lot, I think.

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    The new P&O ship will be firmly based on ‘Ruby Princess’, the new fourthcoming Princess ship. Of course they can tweak the public rooms and decor, but it will definately be a similar ship.

    • Tom says:

      Actually, I think the new Princess ship will be called Royal Princess! – Ruby Princess went into service in late 2008.

      I have covered this ground thoroughly – here’s a category listing of posts about the new P&O ship, and about Royal Princess.

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