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OBC glitch

Thee seems to have been a slight mixup with our on-board credit. When we booked the cruise we were given £100 OBC each, being £50 each for an early booking incentive (we booked the cruise the day it came on sale) and another £50 for being Portunus Club members, and all our documentation listed this. We also made sure that we both spent more than £100, so that both accounts were active. However, our closing statement only shows £100 OBC; each of our accounts has been carefully reduced by £50. Unfortunately I didn’t have the booking documents with me, so I wasn’t able to take it up with Reception before we disembarked. I’ve spoken to our TA about it, however, and I’m about to send them a letter.


I shall keep my public informed….

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Cruise lines (or is it the travel agents) seem to cock-up OBC all of the time!

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