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Ventura sailed into a grey and gloomy Southampton at just before 7 o’clock this morning. During the passage up the channel there had been a bit of movement but nothing really dramatic.

Late yesterday evening we got the ‘Cruise Log’ delivered to the cabin. I always love reading these! This time I was interested to read the temperature information. We did very well with the weather, especially for the port days: 24 degrees at Malaga, 27 at Cephalonia, 28 at Dubrovnik and Venice, 26 at Korcula and a hot (and quite humid) 32 at Corfu. Only Vigo, at 19 degrees, was cooler. The sea days in the Mediterranean saw temperatures in the low 20s, while the Atlantic sea days were cooler. But overall I thought there was nothing to complain about, weather-wise.

At some point overnight we got the on-board account review, of which the least said the better….

Then this morning we did the disembarkation thing, which was its usual chaotic self. We went down to deck 5 at about 7:15, hoping that the first rush of self-disembarkers would have already gone. Instead there was a huge queue – it was stretching back from the gangway entrance near Tazzine, across the atrium, into the art gallery, round it, back into the atrium, past future cruises/loyalty and shore excursions and was just entering the cybercentre when we joined it. Subsequently it coiled round the cybercentre and then trailed off down the corridor away from the atrium. The reason for this was that there was a problem with the sky bridge – it wouldn’t attach properly. In the end it was after 7:45 before the first disembarkation. But once started it went quickly, and we were in the car and driving away by about five past eight. One last look at Ventura was all we had time for, and then we were headed for the motorway. The journey home was easy, and even with a couple of stops we were there before one o’clock.

And that was that…. I’ll do a summary / review and post it at the end of the week.

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  1. Jane Jones says:

    You were lucky. We couldn’t do self-disembarkation because of having more luggage than we could carry and had been allocated a brown card which meant we were among the last to get off. Having been told not to hang around the Atrium, we waited in Havana from 8 until nearly 11. There was nothing to drink, but when we were passing Tazzine as we left, I discovered we could have bought a coffee there but it was too late by then as we had to get off.
    When we got into the car park, there was chaos. Nothing was leaving, there were queues all around. Incoming cars were being given priority over those leaving. Passengers who had got off the ship an hour before us were still standing by their cars, waiting to leave. Finally got out of the car park at gone midday.
    I got the impression that from the minute we leave our cabins on disembarkation day, there is no further interest in us as passengers because we con’t be spending any more money.

  2. Iain Smith says:

    Can you still go for a breakfast on morning of disembarkation ?? we have a long drive back to Scotland and would like a full stomach to travel on , no particular rush to get off the ship , just after 10am will be fine for us , also many thanks for the blog , as someone about to cruise for the first time with P&O on the Ventura it’s been of great interest to me , so many thanks !!

    • tomtotley says:


      I’ve dug out the ‘Disembarkation Arrangements’ notice that we received on the last day. It says:-

      “Room service is available until 1am on the night before disembarkation. The Waterside Starboard service counter will be available until 2am for hot snacks.

      The Beach House and Waterside will be open for breakfast from 6am to 9am and the Saffron and Bay Tree restaurants will be open from 6:30 -8:30”.

      The real kicker, of course, is this instruction:

      “In order for your steward to prepare your cabin for the next cruise please vacate your cabin by 8am. We ask that you wait in the comfort of the public rooms from this time until you leave the ship. Please do not wait in the Atrium on Deck 5.”

      We went to breakfast in the Waterside at just after 6am, and it was already surprisingly busy.

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