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Last sea day

Well, it’s the last full day of the cruise, and don’t we know it. The sky is grey, the sea is grey, and so are we – the excesses of the two weeks or more are catching up with us. It’s a lot cooler outside, so everyone is thronging the inside of the ship. That, plus the fact that they seem to have cranked up the heating means that it’s pretty steamy everywhere. We’ve just had the noon announcement, and the weather isn’t expected to improve this evening when the swell might die down a bit. Ventura isn’t uncomfortable, just rolling a bit.

We’ve been packing. We brought five bags aboard, plus some smaller items (my camera bag, for instance). However yesteday evening we received our disembarkation slot, which was 10am. It would be 10:30 in practice before we got into the car, amid we’ve then got a long drive. The earliest ‘independent passengers’ slot is at 9 o’clock which is still later than we would really like. Then between then and 10 o’clock the slots are all for coach passengers; the independent passengers don’t get their next slot until 10, with everyone being off the ship just before 11. So we’ve decided to see if we can compress everything as much as we can so that we can do self-disembarkation between 7 o’clock and 7:30.. This will mean getting up at 5:30, but we get our last hour back tonight so that shouldn’t be too hard.

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