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Friday 10 June: the number of wines that aren’t available continues to be annoying and is increasing. It’s pretty much throughout the ship – we’ve been told that wines are unavailable in the restaurant, in East, Ramblas, the Terrace Bar and Breakers Bar. Val had discovered a white wine that she was enjoying – a Semillon/Chardonnay blend from the wonderfully-named ‘Mullygrubber’ winery in Australia – and having drunk a glass on the Terrace Bar at half-past five yesterday evening, was very disappointed to be told that it wasn’t available in East at half-past eight in the evening.

We’ve just had tapas for lunch in Ramblas and were told that at least three, possibly four, of the seven listed red wines were unavailable. As I say, it’s annoying. I’ll try to find out why – but perhaps not immediately after drinking half a bottle of what turned to be a perfectly palatable Tempranillo.

UPDATE: we had the opportunity of putting the question to our wine waiter a couple of nights ago. He confirmed that there has been a problem. Apparently bare half the wine stores had arrived at Southampton when Ventura sailed on the 27th. Wine is something that isn’t bought locally, so there was no replenishment during the cruise. Then there’s the fact that it’s been a long cruise (17 nights altogether) stocks are getting very low! Hopefully, the restock at Southampton will be comprehensive.

3 Responses to “Ventura's WINE drought!”

  1. anne says:

    I was interested to read your comments on the wine package – as I was intending to order one of these on my Sept cruise. I noticed that the substitute wines you chose were considerably cheaper than the original ones – was an adjustment made to the package price?

    • tomtotley says:

      Well, it was a whle ago now, but my recollection was that the missing wines were replaced by a second bottle of a wine that was also in the package. So we were still drinking wines from the package.

      The only ‘significantly cheaper’ wine we came across was the Tempranillo in Ramblas – £12 a bottle, I think. We enjoyed that wine a lot, in fact, but it wasn’t given to us a ‘missing package wine’ substitute. We bought a couple of bottles with tapas on a couple of days.

  2. anne says:

    Thanks for swift reply

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