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Sea Days

Thursday 9 June: This is the second of three successive days at sea during the passage across the Mediterranean from Corfu through the Straits of Gibraltar and then up the Iberian coast to Vigo. They’ve been lazy days – both yesterday and today we haven’t got up until after 9 o’clock which means that we have been breakfasting at around 10 o’clock. Then the rest of the day stretches ahead….. We’ve filled the time by not doing much at all, to be truthful. Except for eating.

Yesterday we went to the ‘Asian Lunch’ in East. We went to something similar on our last cruise, but we think on that occasion it was called a Curry Lunch, and certainly on this occasion there were more non-curry Asian dishes. I had salmon sashimi for a starter, which was cold salmon in a vinegar sauce; a Japanese dish apparently. Then to follow I had a chicken with ginger dish, which was good. Val had what she described as “the best onion bhaji ever” for her starter, followed by a lamb bhuna. This was very good, but unfortunately she chose a very hot lime pickle to go with it, and by the end of the dish all she could taste was the lime pickle. Then for dessert we had cooler dishes; mine was a date pancake with ice-cream, Val’s was a round cottage cheese cake with a sweetened milk sauce, which was pretty much like custard, so she was happy. Then yesterday evening was the fourth formal night. As the cruise goes on we’re beginning to notice the difference between the good dishes and the less good ones more and more – our dinners last night were disappointing. I had a tough chicken breast, and Val had a trio of meats (lamb, beef & pork) which were all very bland. But the night before, after being in Corfu, Val had a moussaka which she said was excellent. Today we had lunch in Saffron, and Val’s beef casserole was scrummy, she says.

We ate in East again tonight. As before the food was excellent, but also as before there was a lot of it, and as before I’m going to bed feeling quite uncomfortable. (Although I ought to remember that we have eaten a lot today.) East looked busier this evening, so perhaps it’s getting more popular as the cruise continues. One difference between this cruise and last year’s is that we haven’t heard any ‘early evening discount’ offers for either East or the White Room. – as far as I’m aware they’ve both been full-price all evening, every evening.

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