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Corfu yesterday. It was the last of six port days in succession, and perhaps because of that we were feeling a bit jaded; I think we would have preferred a day at sea.

Corfu old town from the cruise port

We went ashore intending to just wander around Corfu old town, and that’s what we did. There was a certain amount of confusion at the outset over the shuttle buses. We got off the ship and were directed to the shuttle bus queue, and when one arrived we boarded it. It set off, drove a few hundred yards to the terminal and stopped, and we all learned that we had to get off it. Then after walking through the terminal there were more buses in the car park outside, and these were the buses into town. We hadn’t realised that the first bus was really only there to convey passengers with mobility problems. One reason for the confusion was the fact that both buses had an official ‘P&O Shuttle Bus’ sign on the windscreen.

It was only a five minute ride to the drop-off point and as soon as we got there we headed into the old town. This was interesting – lots of old narrow streets with ‘bazaar-styles’ shops at the street level of what looked like old Venetian houses. We then decided that we’d explore the Old Fort, on the seaward tip of the town. This wasn’t a good decision, in retrospect: the fort was simply a ruin, there was little or nothing in the way of explanatory description, and given that it was cloudy it was just acres of grey stone. It was also very humid so we got very hot climbing to the highest point of the fort – indeed we stopped before we reach the top and turned back.

After this we rested in a park and cooled down, then explored some more of the town – the Town Hall square was especially pretty. Around this time it started raining and for a while we got wet. Then after exploring some more we went back to the pretty square for some lunch, then did a bit more exploring (we found a Venetian well in a small square just away from the shopping area), did a bit of shopping, and eventually decided to call it a day at about half past two. We’d been ashore for just over four hours by then so we reckoned we’d done our duty. The sun had come out by that time as well, so it was getting hot.

We left Corfu at about five o’clock for the three-day passage across the Mediterranean to Vigo. Oceania Cruises’ ship Nautica was in port with us, and left just a few minutes earlier, and as she did so the two ships saluted each other with horn blasts. It was interesting to see Nautica close-up; she’s a sister ship to P&O’s new Adonia, of course. Ventura followed Nautica just a few minutes later, and for the next hour or so the two ships sailed in (distant) convoy into the Ionian sea.

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