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Tonight we had a meal in the White Room. We were approaching this with a bit of trepidation – our experience eighteen months ago in Celebrity Solstice’s equivalent, Murano, was less than stellar. We needn’t have worried. First the decor, though ornate, produced an air of quiet elegance without being fussy. Then the service, while attentive, wasn’t too intrusive. The waiters were able to answer the few questions we had. Nor was it rushed – our reservation was for 8:30, we arrived at that time and were seated immediately, and we walked out two hours later. Finally, and most important, the food was excellent.

I had a starter of Parma ham with figs and pitta bread, followed by a main course of chicken, dauphinoise potatos and a mushroom sauce, and then a dessert of MPW Tiramisu. Val had a crab linguine with chilli, then a main course of supreme of halibut with citrus fruits, and a dessert of creme brûlée. With our main courses were side dishes of small roast potatoes and crispy fried courgette, and both were very tasty. There were also a complimentary peach liqueur and a smoked salmon and cucumber pre-starter. A very pleasant bottle of white Spanish wine washed it down, and we had limoncello liqueurs and coffee to finish. All in all it was excellent – markedly better than the MDR food (though we haven’t had any complaints about that).

One thing – there was no shortage of food. We went to bed feeling pretty full, probably the fullest we’ve felt all through the cruise.

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