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Second formal night

Yesterday evening was the second formal night, and again we had a good time. We went on for a few drinks afterwards with our table companions, and in the end it was after 1 o’clock before we were in bed. Given that we had an early excursion today that was perhaps a bit unfortunate. but never mind – it was a good evening.

There was one slightly unfortunate moment, however: our bottle of wine from the package, which we’d arranged to have ready for us, wasn’t. Our wine waiter had to tell us that two of the wines in the package (the chianti and the rioja) weren’t available. They had been – as it happened, one of our table companions had ordered the rioja the night before – but there had only been a few bottles and apparently they had all gone. This is all connected with the recent wine list changeover, I think – it seems that the lists have been printed but stocks of some of the actual wines are a bit low. So we’re doubling up two of the other wines in the package: we’ll have two bottles of each of the French country merlot and the Valpolicella.

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