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Today we were in Cephalonia, at the port of Argostoli. This morning we did an excursion (“Leisurely Cephalonia”), which did what it said on the tin – it was leisurely and we were in Cephalonia. We visited a winery first (at 10 o’clock!), then a monastery where we looked at icons, other church furnishings rescued from the 1953 earthquake and the foot of Saint Andrew, and then we did an attractive drive around art of the island, stopped in a pretty village for a while, then drove back to the port past some landmarks. All in all, pleasant and leisurely.

After Iunch onboard we walked into Argostoli town where we just strolled around for a while, ate ice-creams, drank some beer, and then walked back to the ship where we sat by our favourite spot, the Terrace bar, and had some sparkling mineral water.

All in all it was a pleasant day and the weather was very good – it was sunny and warm, with the temperature into the high 20s this afternoon. However, neither of us were particularly impressed with Argostoli. There’s nothing wrong with it as such but it’s obviously been rebuilt since the earthquake.

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