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A meal in East

(This was written yesterday but somehow didn’t get posted.)

We ate in East last night and had a good meal. We’ve eaten there before, and we’ve always enjoyed the decor and the style. Yesterday was no exception, and we also enjoyed the calm and the peace in there – the main dining rooms can get quite noisy.

I had pea soup followed by a tandoori platter (small portions of tandoori chicken, lamb and fish) – this came with a portion of rice and no less than five different sauces or chutneys. Val had a tandoori chicken starter and lamb main course; this also came with rice. Then there was a side dish of noodles and various stir-fried vegetables to share. In addition they brought out a ‘pre-appetiser’, which was a small piece of seared salmon with a chilli sauce and a cool mango chutney; this was very good. Then we finished off with a mango and pannacota trifle. To drink Val had a rose-petal martini and a glass of Beaujolais; I was having a sober day and just drank water. All in all it was a very enjoyable meal. We had booked for 8:30, were seated immediately, and were in there for just over two hours. The total cost was just under £40: £15 each cover price, plus Val’s drinks.

One other thing that Val was pleased about – the wine list in East shows the wines by the glass, whereas that in the MDR doesn’t.

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