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Twice a day we’ve pounded the decks since we embarked (four times round each time), to make sure that we worked off at least some of the calories. Today we’ve been sailing eastwards across the southern Mediterranean, frequently within sight of the coast of north Africa (especially this morning). During the walks we noticed that there have been security crew members posted on the port and starboard promenade decks, each equipped with a walkie-talkie and binoculars; and the latter suggest that the focus of their attention is off the ship, not on it. I’ve never seen this in our previous cruises on Ventura, so the obvious question is “what are they looking for?”.

There are lots of possible answers, but as they’d all be speculation I asked one of the security crew members. She gave me a very general and careful answer: “we’re not looking for anything, sir; it’s just part of the security arrangements”. Well, she would, wouldn’t she?

If we see boatloads of either barbary corsairs or refugees, I shall inform my readers. But I can’t help wondering what the Captain’s responsibilities are, in the case of the (more likely) latter case.

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