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Bits and Pieces

This post is a bit of catch-all, about a few things that have caught our eye so far.

First, Tazzine (the coffee bar at the bottom of the atrium) is now selling Costa Coffee. I gather this dates from some time last autumn, but none of the crew members down there whom I asked knew the precise date: it was already Costa when they came on board for their current contract. One of them confirmed that it had not been Costa Coffee when he had been on her in 2009. The actual cups from there are branded ‘Costa’ and come in Costa’s usual sizes of small, medium and large; or, as it seems to me, normal, too big and way too big. You can also get ‘coffee to go’, and these come in the usual Costa-branded styrofoam containers. Strangely, the coffee bar itself is still called Tazzine, not Costa Coffee. The branding doesn’t extend as far as the various other places where coffee can be had, e.g. Ramblas or Metropolis. In fact coffee from these other places is still delivered in the non-Costa cups.

Internet: this has been much more problematic this time than on the previous cruises. The main problem has been going through the login process, which can take a very long time and fails more often than not. I don’t necessarily know that this is the result of a change on-board, however, as this cruise I’m relying on wifi to connect to the LAN. On previous cruises I had a laptop and a network cable and plugged the laptop into the LAN directly; this time I brought an iPad which perforce means I must use wifi. This time also I didn’t get the extra 20 minutes for taking the full package of minutes on the first day – the offer doesn’t seem to be available. (Postscript: I checked this with the cybercentre person later, and she simply said that “there are no promotions right now”.)

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