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Wine packages

We got the wine package information we wanted yesterday evening at dinner. There are total of nine packages, which might be one or two more than last year. Here’s the list:- the Ultimate package (£155); the Premier Collection (£127.50); the French Collection (£84.95); New World package (£82.95); Continental package white (£82.95); Continental package red (£79.95); Red package (£81.00); White package (£76.00); and Rose package (£75.95). The packages listed as red, white or rose consist of wines of just that colour (obviously), the other packages are made up of three reds and three whites. Buying a package gives you a saving of about 10% or maybe a bit more.

We’ve selected the Continental package red which is made up of the following wines: a basic claret; a Beaujolais; a chianti; a Rioja; a merlot from the south of France; and a Valpolicella. In contrast the Red package consists mainly of new world wines, from Chile, Australia, South Africa and similar places. we decided we fancied going traditional, if only because European wines are often a little less strong – typically around 12.5% instead of 14% or more with new world wines.

We start tonight with the claret, and I’ll report on it tomorrow.

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