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Pre-cruise panics

Less than two weeks to go before our next cruise, and we’re in full-on pre-cruise panic mode. it’s not about passports or documentation – everything is valid and up to date – and it’s not about money – the cruise is all paid-for. We know the ship very well so it’s not that that’s got us worried. So what is it? It’s a series of little health niggles.

Regular readers will recall that on our last major cruise I suffered a flare-up of my tendinitis. Fortunately it didn’t last long, but for those few days not only was I in discomfort and pain, I was significantly hampered in getting around the ship – when just moving around the cabin is painful, managing the 100 yards and four decks to dinner becomes a significant obstacle. I’ve had a history of tendinitis problems over recent years, and at their worst they can be extraordinarily painful and completely disabling, certainly enough to ruin a holiday. So you can imagine that when my foot started hurting after the May bank holiday, I was seriously worried. I was definitely counting the days to the cruise, and working out how long a serious bout would take to clear up. Fortunately this turned out not to be tendinitis, and resolved itself in about a week.

Then last week Val suddenly developed what looked like the beginning of a cold. Val’s colds are momentous affairs: they build gradually but unstoppably until she has to take to her bed for days, and the whole experience can last three weeks or more. So she was definitely worried, as she wouldn’t want to start her cruise while still virtually comatose. But then it stopped and cleared up – most unusual for her.

Right now, however, we’re both checking symptoms several times a day. Is that a twinge in my ankle? Is Val coughing more today than yesterday? In short, is there anything brewing that could come between us and our cruise?

Corporal Jones of “Dad’s Army” used to run round in circles shouting “Don’t panic! Don’t panic!”, while in a complete panic. We know how he felt.

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