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Port of Naples layout

Port of Naples

Port of Naples

There was a question in a comment the other day about ferries from Naples, so I thought I’d do a page explaining the layout of the port at Naples – and this is it.

If you click on the small image above you’ll open a larger vesion of it. It’s a picture of the port of Naples, and I’ve grabbed it from the official Port of Naples website. I’ve added the text.

  • In the middle is the Stazione Marittima. It’s a big 1930’s-style terminal building, and this is where the cruise ships normally dock. There are various ways they connect the ships to the shore, but you usually emerge from the main entrance facing the shore, right in the middle of the picture, and walk across the huge open area to get to the road. (This open area is also where excursion coaches park while they’re waiting for passengers.)
  • on the right-hand side is Molo Beverollo. This is where the ‘fast ferries’ leave from, for places such as Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, and so on. They’re often referred to as hydrofoils, though I’m not certain they actually are. But this is the place for the fast ferries that cruise passengers (and other tourists) usually want to use. There’s a line of kiosks just on the landward side of the dock (that may be them with the shiny-looking roof) where you buy your tickets. Each individual company (SNAV, NLG, etc) each has their own kiosk.
  • over on the left-hand side is Porta di Massa. This is a dock for slower, traditional car ferries. You do not want to use this dock! This area is also used sometimes for cruise ships, if the main area (round the Stazione Marittima) is full. That’s what appears to have happened on the day this picture was taken: it looks as if there are two big Costa ships plus an MSC ship round the Stazione, and an Aida ship has been berthed over in Porta di Massa.

It’s maybe 10 minutes’ walk from Stazione Marittima round to Molo Beverollo, depending on exactly where  the ship you’re on has docked: you can see that it would be less distance from the MSC ship (nearest the camera) than from the Costa ships, by nearly 400 yards, and that’s about 5 minutes walk.

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