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I’m beginning to hear worrying things about the popularity of the cruise we’d like to do next year. Regular readers and P&O fans will already be aware that P&O have arranged the schedules such that on 3 July 2012 the whole fleet will be in Southampton together to celebrate the line’s 175th Anniversary. The ships will leave together in a mass parade down Southampton water to a mass gathering in the Solent, before separating for their different cruises. We have made a pre-registration with our preferred TA for the four-night cruise on Oriana, which is one of these cruises.

It’s only a ‘pre-registration’ because bookings don’t open until 6 April, unless you’re a Gold Tier Portunus Club member (we’re not). The Portunus Club is P&O’s loyalty club, and one of the benefits of being at the Gold tier – the top tier – is that you get the chance to make your bookings a few days before anyone else. The ‘worrying things’ I’m beginning to hear are that there is so much interest in these 175th Anniversary cruises, and this one in particular, that it might sell out to Portunus Gold tier members on 2 April before general bookings open on 6 April. Actually, even if it doesn’t, it sounds as if there is going to be so much demand for this cruise that by no means all pre-registrations will get converted to bookings.

I think I shall wait until just after 2 April, and then call my TA and find out how much demand there has been from Gold tier members and how likely it is that I shall get my booking made.

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  1. Ann Hands says:

    Hi tom, I am having the same reservations as you, I spoke to my TA today who has informed me that there has been great interest in this cruise so we will just have to wait and see. I have also be registered but not so hopeful now.

    I have been reading your blogs on Ventura, do you have any photo’s of your balcony c325 cabin. I am looking to book this for a caibbean in Nov 2012. Slightly worried about the Ventura but this is the only ship out there so no other choice. Read so many comments about bad service and butlins style that it has started to put me of! Never had any problems with P&O before what is your opinion?

  2. Ann Hands says:

    Sorry Tom only me again, I have just spent the last hr reading forums where people have pre registered with p&O and have been given a guarantee that they are booked on the 4 night cruise so now have no hope at all of getting on it. Feel really mad as I have never known P&O to do this before. I now have little faith in the system.
    Although the website is still showing availability the prices are half as much again hope this is an error as the Caribbean cruise is also half as much again.
    Have you any updates Ann.

  3. tomtotley says:

    Ann: I spoke to my TA today who said that at the moment he didn’t know what the position is: P&O haven’t told them much (or anything). So I’m not feeling terribly hopeful.

    Surprisingly, I don’t seem to have any pictures of the Ventura cabin.

  4. Ann Hands says:

    Hi Tom, did you get your cabin? Amazed after 3hrs of trying my TA got me an outside ok I had to pay £100 more each but we are on so all is well.
    Hope ventura booking is easier tom and that you got yours

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