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Oriana refit details

There’s been quite a bit of interest in the details of the refit that Oriana will be getting in November this. The interest has been centred around the news that following the refit, Oriana will be adults-only (not ‘child-free’; I saw Carol Marlowe wince when I used that phrase during dinner with her on Ventura). As part of that change it was announced that the children’s facilities on D deck would be removed and replaced by some extra cabins. Since that announcement there have been many rumours about the extent of the changes, with some suggestions that the whole of the open aft terracing would be replaced by banks of cabins. Despite the fact that there was never any evidence to support it, this suggestion gained a lot of credibility and there have been a number of posts in various forums all bemoaning the supposedly-forthcoming desecration of a what has become an iconic P&O ship.

But now P&O have published the details, and it seems that everyone’s fears were groundless. There are just 27 new cabins, consisting of about 12 new balcony cabins, a number of new inside cabins, and a couple of new ‘inside single’ cabins. And they’re all in the space currently occupied by the children’s facilities – there are no changes to the rest of the stern terracing. A kiddie’s paddling pool will also be removed and additional seating put in its place because it’s near a bar.

There are some other changes to eating arrangements. First, Oriana Rhodes is being replaced by The Ocean Grill, which will be a Marco Pierre White establishment. Adonia and Arcadia will also have one of these – in the case of Arcadia it will replace Arcadian Rhodes – so this looks like a new brand name for MPW on P&O (although The White Room on Ventura wil remain so-named). And it also seems to be goodbye to Gary Rhodes. But other than the change of name (and doubtless new menus), there doesn’t seem to be any other impact on Oriana – the new restaurant will simply be where Oriana Rhodes is now.

The other change is the removal of Al Fresco, a rather nice breakfast eatery on the Lido deck, and its replacement by a new Italian restaurant called Sorrento. This will take up a bit more space than Al Fresco currently does, so that will have some impact. In particular it looks as if it will block off a walkway that currently goes past the outside of Al Fresco; Sorrento appears to be extended right up to the edge of the ship.

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