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There are a few things I look forward to in the early months of the year  to let me know that winter is nearly over. Our carpet of snowdrops in the garden is one of them, my wife’s birthday is another, and a third is the publication of the cruise schedule for the coming year on the port of Southampton’s website. (Yes, I know it’s sad but it keeps me happy…)

They’ve been building up the list of calls since early January. At one time they said that they hoped to have it finished ‘by late January’, but February arrived and the list was obviously not complete. They build it up alphabetically, so Adonia was one of the first ships to have its dates loaded this year, along with Arcadia and Aurora. During February we saw Independence of the Seas inserted, along with MSC Opera and of course Oriana, but it obviously still wasn’t finished. Today the final ships were added – the Cunard Queens, and P&O’s Ventura. You can find the completed list here.

There are several things of note in it. First is the sheer number of calls during the year; over 200 I believe. The second thing is that they are spread out over all the days of the week. A few years ago Southampton was quite busy at weekends, but in general the weekdays were very quiet – hardly any calls at all. This year however there are calls through the weeks, most weeks. Southampton has become a very busy cruise port.

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