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We’ve booked another cruise, on Fred Olsen’s Black Watch. However, it’s not until December next year.

When we were on Arcadia last month one of the ports of call was Le Havre, and among the excursions available from there were several to Rouen. Reading about that city I was quite tempted, but in the event we stayed on board Arcadia on the relevant day exploring the ship, taking photos and relaxing (all afternoon) in the Crows Nest. All of this was great, but I did come away with a feeling that I’d like to see Rouen one day.  Then when I was reading the Fred Olsen brochure I came across a short cruise that listed its port of call as Rouen rather than Le Havre. Surely not, I thought, it’s 30 or so miles up the Seine. However a phone call to Fred Olsen confirmed that the Seine is navigable for smaller ships, and that Black Watch can in fact get as far as a dock in Rouen. Looking at Google Maps suggests that the quay is close to the city centre, a mile or just under from Rouen cathedral in fact. So we’ve booked. This cruise (when we come to do it) will be a very interesting comparison after several years cruising on much larger ships.

We visited Black Watch on a ship visit this spring. I posted some pictures here. We liked what we saw, and for a short cruise in norther waters, we won’t have any reservations about booking a cabin with just a couple of portholes instead of a balcony.


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