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Today (Sunday) has been very quiet and relaxing, which was what we wanted. After breakfast we walked round the ship for a while and took pictures. At some point we had coffee in Cafe Vivo, and to our surprise we found something about Arcadia that we definitely didn’t like. We thought this space was very small, cramped, quite dingy and unattractively furnished (‘uncomfortably furnished’ is Val’s comment, as is ‘style over substance’). We would have enjoyed our coffee more in the Piano Bar.

Then we had lunch in the Meridian restaurant, which was very comfortable and civilized. We both had Cornish Pasty; Val also had a chicken and mushroom soup while I just had a bread roll, and we both had rhubarb and ginger crumble with custard. Val had it with extra custard, and then some more extra custard.

After lunch we took some more pictures of the upper decks, and then sat in the Crows Nest for most of the afternoon and read our books. We also had some mineral water early on, and later we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine (so much for taking it easy after last night). The afternoon passed very pleasantly, and also very relaxingly.

Tonight is the last night, of course, and we’re already thinking about the departure tomorrow morning. One thing will be easier than normal: because it’s a short cruise we’re going to take our own luggage off the ship which will speed things up a lot in the morning. We’re told that disembarkations should start at about 7:30. We have to be out of the cabin by 8 o’clock in any case.

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