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Formal night tonight. Everyone turned up in their finery, and the Meridian restaurant looked very glamorous as a result. I would say that dress code observance must have been close to 100%, which was very pleasing. As for the meal itself, the general view was that it was very good. certainly I enjoyed my roast beef. My starter (chicken pate) was also good, but Val thought her fennel & leek soup was bit too thin. But a good bottle of Aussie Shiraz washed it all down very well.

Then after dinner we partied! We started with a quiet drink and a coffee in Intermezzo, then we went on to other places. We checked out the Crows Nest, but it felt too quiet so we went back downstairs and found that fun was being had in the Rising Sun, which was running non-stop karaoke. So there we stayed for the best part of a couple of hours, enjoying the singing. (Well, most of it.) We met several several other groups of people, including the Glasgow Girls, who were great fun. They’d had to check-in at Glasgow airport at 4:30 on the first morning of the cruise and as a result had been too tired to enjoy most of that first day and evening. This was their big evening, and they were clearly enjoying it. They moved on to the disco after a while; we stayed with the karaoke for another half hour, but finally went up to the cabin, after looking in on the disco, at about 1:30. Things were still going strongly in both venues when we left.

When we finally got up this morning the ship was very quiet. At first I thought this was the result of last night’s party, but it’s more likely to be the fact that the trips to Paris left at just after 7am. I wouldn’t have wanted to to have had to get up that early. In fact our plan is to have a very easy day – we may stay on board all day. We had a light breakfast so that we can enjoy a restaurant lunch. We’ll fill in the rest of the time taking pictures and relaxing. In fact Val is out on the balcony now – it’s sunny and quite warm out of the wind, and this morning the sun is shining straight onto Arcadia’s stern and hence our balcony. Val is taking full advantage.

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