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We had a very enjoyable dinner last night. This was especially true for me, since I was the only man on a table for 8! As usual we’d asked for a large table and were assigned to 165, on the upper level of the Meridian restaurant. The table itself was a handy oval shape, which made conversation around the whole of the table easy. Val and I were first to arrive, but in just a few minutes we were joined by Jean, a retired lady, and her two daughters Teresa and Sarah. Then after a short while Linda arrived, with her daughter Vicky. Ages ranged from mid 70s to early 30s so the conversation was varied and interesting.

The food was good if not perhaps outstanding. Val had a pork dish with gravy, but she feels there wasn’t enough of the latter – had there been, she says it would have been perfect. I had a grilled chicken with pasta, which was fine though perhaps not terribly exciting. We both had minestrone soup (good); Val had sticky stem Ginger with dried figs and vanilla sauce, and she said that was also very good. I had cheese, which was OK except that as usual the selection of English cheeses was very limited. And that was that.

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