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It has been a long time since my last blog entry, for which I apologise to any loyal fans that I might have! I don’t really have a reason for this, other than the best one of all: I didn’t have much to say.

But here I am, less than a week away from our next cruise. We’re doing a three-nighter on Arcadia, and will be visiting the far-flung and exotic ports of Zeebrugge and Le Havre. Since the main purpose of this cruise is to get some experience of Arcadia, we’ll be spending most of our time on the ship. We have no plans to take any excursions – we’re certainly not going to do the slog from Le Havre to Paris and back – and we don’t even plan to go to Bruges. If the weather’s nice we may go into Blankenberg from Zeebrugge. We definitely want to buy some Belgian beer to take home, as various family members seem to be developing serious Leffe habits, so we do need to venture off the ship at some point while we’re at Zeebrugge. What we’ll do at Le Havre I don’t yet know. If we were there on a weekday I’d be very tempted to hire a car and drive around Normandy, but we’re there on a Sunday and car hire will be very difficult, I gather. So we may just stay on board and enjoy the facilities of the ship. In any case I’m pretty sure that since Saturday will be the formal evening, having a long lie-in on Sunday sounds like a plan. And then there might well be a nice lunch to enjoy, and a long leisurely afternoon afterwards….  Yes, I think I could be up for that.

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