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Gibraltar today, for a very hot afternoon. We did an excursion – ‘Secrets of the Rock’, and enjoyed it. We did a cable car ride  to one of the peaks, a walk past the monkeys, a visit to St Michael’s Cave, then a visit to the tunnels dug for defence in the great four-year siege of Gibraltar. It was quite hard work – lots of walking around the nature reservation, the caves and tunnels, in the heat – but enjoyable. I have to say that I was pretty unimpressed by the monkeys. The guide thoroughly demonised them at the beginning the excursion, telling us all the dreadful things that could happen if we came within eyesight of one of them, but in the event they just looked somnolent and bored. Perhaps, like entrepreneurs in ports all over the world, they know there’s little point in bothering with British  cruise passengers – they’ve got no money and nothing worth stealing!

We should have a very unexpected guest at our dinner table this evening. Carol Marlow, managing director of P&O cruises, joined the ship today, and (quite by chance) our table has been picked as the place where she will dine tonight!

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