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Today we were at Cannes, and had a glorious day – sunny and warm but not too hot. Ventura anchored at about 8 o’clock and tendering started very shortly after that. We went ashore mid-morning; we walked around (mainly along La Croissete) for an hour or so before heading up into Le Suquet (Cannes old town) at midday where we found a street-side restaurant and had a delicious lunch with coffee. Then we headed back to the pier for our excursion to St Paul de Vence at 1:30.

We came away from that with mixed feelings. First, the drive there, along the riviera sea-front,  was a bit annoying – we just wanted to get to St Paul de Vence. Then when we arrived we were crocodiled into the villages, feeling useless and stupid – as Val said, “I feel like I’m being treated like someone who can’t be trusted to find their way around a French village”. But we were able to detach ourselves fairly quickly and just wandered around. The village is very pretty, there’s no doubt, but Val found herself thinking that the pretty bits of this village were in fact quite interchangeable with the pretty parts of Valdemossa that she visited a few days earlier – old buildings, narrow streets, and tourist shops. She was wondering how she’d be able to tell the photos apart in  a year or so. On reflection we think our that we would have had a better Cannes experience if we’d spent another hour (or two) at the restaurant and enjoyed more food and some wine (possibly a lot of wine), and then gone back to the ship, found a sunbed and slept it off. Certainly when we did get back at 6 o’clock we found a table at the Terrace Bar, drank water and then wine, and then spent a wonderful hour, in the sun, watching Cannes disappear behind us. That was possibly the best hour of the day.

Livorno tomorrow, where we have a deluxe excursion to Florence.

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