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Barcelona today, and hurray! my foot is OK so we’ve both been ashore. We had nothing planned, so we were doing our own thing and decided to look at some Gaudi. We’d visited La Sagrada Familia on a previous visit, so today our targets were La Pedrada (Casa Mila) and Parc Guell. We got the metro at Drassanes station near the bottom of La Rambla and got off at Diagonal for La Pedrada, which was just a a couple of blocks away. We spent a good couple of hours here. Then after a brief stop for coffee and cakes at a cafe just outside La Pedrada we got back on the metro to Vallcarca, for Parc Guell. After spending perhaps 90 minutes there, we walked back to Lesseps metro station and went back to Drassanes, We bought 1 Zone Day tickets, which cost us €5.90 each, and I suspect that we didn’t get our money’s worth out of them in terms of journeys, but they were easy to use and it saved having to buy tickets for each journey. As on our previous visit we found the metro very easy to use – well signposted, and the ticket machines have an english language option. We were back on the ship at about 3 o’clock or just before. All in all it was an excellent time ashore – seeing the reality of the Gaudi architecture is stunning, it all looks so contemporary. And now that my foot is better, I feel that my cruise has at last started.

Now for some important information about practicalities at Barcelona. We found that Ventura was berthed a long way out. Specifically, we were at ‘Terminal Maritima Internacional C’, on Moll Adossat in Porta D’Europa. This berth was on the seaward side of the port area. While it was possible to walk into the city, it was a long way – I estimate that it was a good mile to Drassanes metro station. P&O were running shuttle buses to the World Trade Centre, and I reckon that was about three-quarters of a mile away. Furthermore, I recall that (via AIS) I saw Ventura use this berth on her first Med cruise this year, so this wasn’t a one-off. Also in port today were Westerdam, MSC Fantasia and Costa Concordia, and they were also at berths on the same quay – Westerdam at Terminal A, MSC Fantasia at Terminal B, and Costa Concordia at Terminal D. These terminals all look new and modern, so I suspect that they are a fairly recent development. Only a Silversea ship (which was much smaller) was over the other, landward, side of port alongside the World Trade Centre. So the upshot of all this is that it might not be as easy to get from the ship into the city as it used to be.

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  1. novicecruisers says:

    These are great blogs we are on her next week our first cruise and she sounds lovely .Hope your ankle is better i have tendinitis to so i know the pain it causes Val/steve

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