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Yesterday evening was the second formal night. It didn’t feel quite as special as the first one, perhaps because it wasn’t the Captain’s Reception. However a good evening was had, and again there was good observance of the dress code. We drank the second bottle of our wine package, the Semillon/Viognier (one of the white wines). This is Australian, I gather, and was very pleasant indeed. Not quite as dry as I’d expected (tho’ still a long way from sweet), but with lots of fruit flavours. It was a good accompaniment to my salad (starter), pork, and cheese and biscuits. We both thought it was much better than the house white.

I’m pleased to report that my tendinitis flareup is lessening. I was able to get hold of some ice yesterday. Val went down to the medical centre and asked them the best way of getting of some, and they suggested either our cabin steward or one of the bars, so we asked our steward Naz, and gave him a carrier bag to put some in. Five minutes later he reappeared with this M&S carrier bag absolutely full! – there must have been almost  a cubic foot of ice! So I gave my foot the ice treatment for almost half an hour. Then we put the carrier bag in the shower, suspended from one of the taps. There was so much ice that some it lasted until the end of the afternoon, so I was able to ice my foot a couple more times during the day. It certainly feels easier this morning (Thursday).

Just to make sure that I don’t over-use the foot and set the recovery back, I’m saying onboard during our call today at Palma. However Val has gone ashore, on an excursion – ‘Scenic Mallorca’ – that she booked yesterday because there’s no point in my mobility problems affecting her holiday. So she was off the ship at 9 o’clock, immediately after we docked, and I’m still here, blogging. One other thing – I’ve taken the opportunity of my stay onboard, and the fact that many people will be going ashore, to do some laundry and I can report that at just after 8 o’clock all the washers and driers in the C deck launderette were free. (I know you all really wanted to know that…)

Tomorrow is Barcelona, and I’m not sure at the moment whether to continue resting my foot or not. We don’t have anything planned (as we didn’t for today) so we won’t be missing anything already arranged. We do have things planned for the day after at Cannes – an excursion to St Paul de Vence in the afternoon – and Livorno – an all-day excursion to Florence – and we definitely want to do them, so it might be that I’ll continue taking care of my foot tomorrow and again stay onboard. All of which is unfortunate – I’d been looking forward to both Palma and Barcelona – but the later calls (Cannes, Livorno and Civitavecchia) are more important to us.

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