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Here’s a quick post to mention one other thing. We’ve spent a few hours in The Exchange on this cruise. Eighteen months ago this part of Ventura was a smoking area and a s a result we didn’t go in there. Well, we did once early on in that cruise to see what it was like; I recall that we got about three steps into it and retreated, coughing and spluttering. Today however it, like the whole of Ventura, is smoking-free and as a result we are quite happy to go in there. Among other things it’s the venue for the ‘Pop Music of the Decades’ quizzes – the 60s, the 70s, etc. We got 33 points (out of 60) for the 60s, 18 for the 70s and 18 for the 80s. Our view is that our 70s and 80s were different from theirs. The afternoon bingo sessions are also held in there. So far we haven’t seen much sport on the TV in there – I had a feeling that it was in part a sports bar – but that may well change next month, of course.

Today the weather has been gorgeous; sunny, warm, and very calm. Ventura has been very steady indeed today. We pased through the Straits of Gibralter between 9 and 10 this morning. Once we did so we picked up some company – several container ships going in the same direction. One of them, the Sri Chennai, kept station off our starboard quarter until late afternoon. And this morning I saw some dolphins or porpoises leaping through the water. They were the first I’ve ever seen in the sea, and I have to admit I got quite excited.

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