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Time for a few thoughts on Ventura. This isn’t our first cruise on Ventura, we cruised on her eighteen months ago to the Canaries (11 nights). Since then, however, we’ve been on Celebrity Solstice, a much newer design, and I was wondering how much our earlier appreciation of Ventura might have changed as a result of the Solstice cruise. I’m rather pleased to say that the answer is ‘not a lot’. Ventura’s strong-points (as we see them) remain: we still like the walk-in hanging space in the cabin, and although that does reduce the amount of space in the rest of the cabin, we see it as a fair trade-off. Especially as, cruising from Southampton, we do take a lot of clothes which have to go somewhere; perhaps the Solstice class gets away (on fly cruises at least) with its lesser amount of storage spaceĀ  because passengers won’t have that many clothes with them. However, it will be interesting to read the reports from Eclipse this year, which is cruising from Southampton.

We also still enjoy Ventura’s outdoor features. We especially like the promenade. Although you do have to climb a flight of steps to get to the bow it only seems a small interruption, and we enjoy being to get to both the bow and the stern area of the promenade.

We met a couple at breakfast this morning who made an interesting comment to the effect that there didn’t seem to be much in the way of quiet daytime lounges on Ventura. They contrasted this with Arcadia (a ship we don’t know) which they said they preferred because of this. Certainly we had noticed that there do seem to be more presentations in the atrium this time than on the previous cruise, generally involving someone with a microphone, and this does mean that if you’re sitting in Tazzine or the Red Bar, it’s not quiet. So that’s a bit of a mark against. On good days we prefer to sit on our balcony, and today ( a sea day, sailing though the Straits of Gibraltar and entering the Med) it feels warm enough to do so even if we’re out of the sun. But I do take our breakfast companions’ point – there aren’t any quiet lounges. (Perhaps Metropolis, in fact?)

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