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One of the questions that keeps coming up is the number and nature of power sockets in cabins on P&O ships, so here’s a quick blog post on the subject, at least for Ventura.

We’re in a standard balcony cabin and ss far a I can see, there are three normal, UK-standard, 3-pin sockets. Two of them are squeezed between the top of the vanity table and the bottom of the mirror, which means that they’re very close to the top of the vanity unit. So any plugs with larger surrounds (e.g. iPod charger plugs) are unlikely to fit. The third standard socket is on the other side of the cabin, and is normally used for the kettle. However there’s nothing to stop you disconnecting that and plugging in something else, of course.

There are also a couple of what look like ‘mini two-prong’ sockets: one to the left of the vanity table and the other behind the television and used to power it. But I’ve never seen any plugs that could use these sockets.

Finally there’s what looks like a standard shaver socket in the bathroom. I’m not an electric shaver user, so I can’t test that to confirm what it is.

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